Gluten Free/Casein Free (autism)

Some may ask, why use the gluten-free/casein-free (gfcf) diet?  What is it?  It is too difficult to follow?  Is there scientific proof that the gfcf diet is necessary?  

I am the parent of a child with autism who has been on the gfcf diet for ten years and I can say that this  particular dietary intervention has made dramatic improvements in my child’s life.  In the beginning, it was a huge adjustment in shopping and food preparation.  I have spent a lot of time in the grocery store reading labels and making phone calls to manufacturers.  My daughter started on the gfcf diet before there were all the great websites putting out diet information.  Now the gfcf diet is so much easier to follow due to all of the books, cookbooks and great websites that give great support.  

It is important to note that approximately 75% of children who try the gfcf diet improve in a variety of ways, such as better sleep habits, improved speech, less irritability, better bowel movements, less stims and more.  Within just a few weeks of being on the diet, my daughter showed marked improvement in attention and overall better behavior.  She lost the redness in the face, giddiness and made better eye contact.  Though the results are not the same for everyone, it is sure worth a try and the effort.  

Living on this diet will take you and your child on a long journey.  This journey has been a success for my child and I hope it will be for yours.  Let us travel the road together.  

Disclaimer: Beyond the Limits, An Autism Resource Connection uses a variety of internet sources in the development of the gfcf section of this website as well as independent parent contributions.